Macabresoft makes software. It's really just me, Brett Story. Pretty much everything I develop is open-source, so check out the Macabresoft GitHub page to get into specifics of what I make.

In general, the main focus of Macabresoft is on games with the Macabre2D engine, but I regularly delve into audio programming and productivity tools when inspiration hits. Follow @macabresoft for updates.


A 2D game engine built on top of MonoGame. Custom features include physics, tile maps, sprite animations, audio playback with looping, and more.

Previously included a Windows only editor, but the entire engine is currently being reworked from the ground up to support a multi-platform editor using AvaloniaUI.

Zvukosti Tuner

A work-in-progress instrument tuning application. Currently focused on desktop platforms with plans to release on Android in the future.


.NET Core libraries used across Macabresoft products.